Seeing the needs from our clients and in order to be able to provide a complete scope of service for engine room, our company developed a electric & automation department. We can deliver all possible electric equipment, materials or if they are obsolete, we can provide you with retrofit or equivalent option.

Our technicians can perform following jobs:

Main engine jobs

  • Oil mist detectors
  • Testing and maintenance of ME control stations
  • Electric actuators repairs

Testing and maintenance of ME control stationsAuxiliary / shaft / emergency generators jobs

  • Cleaning of alternators
  • AVR retrofitting
  • Parallel work of auxiliaries jobs
  • Power grid analysis – THD factors and THD filter matching, onboard load characteristics charts preparation

Engine room jobs

  • Various sensors testing and calibration (pressure, temperature transmitters, switches, level sensors)
  • Electric motors overhauling – bearings replacement, rewinding, insulation measurements and more
  • New cabling, cable penetrations renewal, re-banding
  • New installations – Marorka system, scrubber, high voltage installation with all including documentation, class certification, materials specification and delivery)

Most common system modification and troubleshooting jobs

DES electrician at work

  • Retrofits and repair of various electronic PCBs like valve drives, PLC systems, HVAC automatic
  • Class renewal dry dock tests of alarm systems for cargo, ballast, fire detection, engine room
  • Local system testing and repairs (seed log, cathodic protection, boiler adn steam plant, weather station)
  • Selsyn and other position indicators
  • Steering gear rudder control and feed-back along with bow thruster troubleshooting
  • Frequency converters installation (up to 1.5 MW installations)
  • Extending and small modifications in Kongsberg system (K-Chief 600, K-Chief 700, AutoChief, C-2000)

SIKA thermo-calibrators repair center

DES is a SIKA certified repair and recalibration partner. We are providing technical support, spare parts and on board re-certification. We are capable of performing annual temperature sensors check and recalibration. If you care about keeping your temperature measurements under control without sending your equipment ashore, please consider our services.