Our experience as a service company allows us first-hand verify our suppliers and we keep cooperating only with the ones that can continuously provide high quality spares. Therefore we offer only for parts that our service engineers deem reliable.
We have excellent relationships with many European and Far-Eastern suppliers and manufacturers, hence we can provide very competitive offers for Japanese, Korean and Chinese spare parts for both engine room and electrical/automation systems.

For example we normally source Japanese parts directly from the OEM factories, especially for the fuel injection.

We can offer high quality main components such as:

  • pistons
  • cylinder liners
  • cylinder heads
  • fuel injection parts
  • bearings

Based on our experience in the maritime business, we also provide a full scope of supply based on EU manufacturers of spare parts for all engine components, including T/C parts, as well as electric and automation machinery, thanks to our specialists in our Electric & Automation Department, well experienced with all major automation manufacturers and we can offer replacement or retrofit parts in case of outdated/obsolete systems like:

  • Siemens
  • Terasaki
  • Hyundai