DES Torque

Bolting is a crucial element in achieving joint integrity thereby maximizing the operation efficiency of plant equipment. DES Torque, a division of Diesel Engine Service Ltd, understands industry’s needs and provides a high quality bolting service for:

  • plants,
  • factories,
  • refineries,
  • construction sites,
  • shipyards,
  • breweries,
  • other industrial sites,

Using hydraulic technology enables tightening or loosening of multiple bolts simultaneously and uniformly. DES Torque offers torque tightening and loosening for various screws, bolts, studs and fasteners, as well as checking their current torque.


In our range we have Hytorc® tools:

  • with torques of up to 64000 Nm,
  • both socket and low profile, cassette head types of wrenches,
  • approved for use in hazardous locations,
  • every wrench is tested and calibrated to ±.03 accuracy,
  • full Time Personnel. Service is performed by our trained employees.
  • full socket range
  • capable of simultaneously tightening or loosening multiple bolts,
  • possibility to save final torque documentation for class societies.

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